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Interview with Alenka Jelen

   Alenka Jelen Senior Lecture and Course Leader Lancashire Business School University of Central Lancashire, Prestion PR1 2HE   Questions: Q1: What do you think are the main developments and changes of global PR industry since 2000s? Why do you think so and in your opinions what are the driven forces of those changes? Q2: Do you think … Continue reading

After 80

“After 80s” has become the most common and popular phrase in China to described the newest and the most powerful generation which are born during 1980 to 1989. The phrase initially refers to the first generation born after the enacting of Chinese birth control and family planning policy which  experienced a rapid development from 1979 to today. when it comes to discuss China’s new … Continue reading

The Invading of Social Media

Viewdle – Photo and Video Face Tagging from Viewdle on Vimeo. Nowadays, it seems like every person are on Facebook or Twitter. there will always be some tags or status about you when you are walking on the street, chatting with friends, shopping in the mall, working in the office, cooking in your own kitchen, travelling in another … Continue reading

Interview with Tony Carter

Tony Carter General Manager – Asia-Pacific Trelleborg Industrial AVS 5118, Yuan Jiang Road, Xin Zhuang Industrial Park, Shanghai, P.R.China 201108 Tel: +86 21 6145 1835 ext 134 Fax:+86 21 6145 1834 Mobile:+8613816138828 Visit our website at: http://www.trelleborg.com/industrials BizIn@China: How long have you been working in China, ShangHai and what made you want to come to China at … Continue reading

Learning Business Chinese Lesson 4 – job titles

Lesson 4 – Job Titles: ♥ Mr. : 先生 (xian, sheng) ♥ Mr. Green: 格林先生 (ge, lin, xian, sheng) ♥ Mrs.: 女士 (nu, shi) ♥ Mrs. Green: 格林女士 (ge, lin, nu, shi) ♥ Miss: 小姐 (xiao, jie) ♥ Miss Green: 格林小姐 (ge, lin, xiao, jie) ♥ Teacher: 老师 (lao, shi)      ♥ Professor:   教授 (jiao, shou) ♥ Manager : 经理(jing, li) ♥ … Continue reading

Learning Business Chinese Lesson 3-Visite and Leave message

Lesson 3 – Visite and Leave message ♥ what can I do for you?: 我能为你做些什么? (wo, neng, wei, ni, zuo, xie, shen, me)      ♥ I came to meet:   我是来见 (wo, shi, lai, jian) ♥ I came to meet Mike : 我是来见Mike的 ♥ Is Mike available?:  Mike 现在有空吗? (Mike xian, zai, you, kong, ma?) ♥ Can I leave a message to him? :我能给他留个口信吗?(wo, neng, gei, ta, … Continue reading

Learning Business Chinese Lesson 2 – Greeting and Introduction

Lesson 2 – Greeting and Introduction ♥ Good morning:  早上好 (zao, shang, hao) ♥ Excuse me  :    不好意思/打扰一下 (bu, hao,yi,si; da, rao, yi, xia) ♥ I am from:        我来自 (wo, lai, zi) ♥ I am from UCLAN :    我来自UCLAN ♥ Pleased / Nice to meet you:   很高兴见到你 (hen, gao, xing, jian, dao, ni) ♥ This is my buiness card:   这是我的名片 (zhe, … Continue reading

Interview with Adam Branton

                                    Adam Branton, 5C Primary Teacher The British International School Shanghai – Pudong Campus 600 Cambridge Forest New Town, 2729 Hunan Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201315 T +86 (0)21 5812 7455 F +86 (0)21 5812 7465 http://www.bisspudong.com HELPING OTHERS TO BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE BizIn@China: How long have you been working in China, ShangHai … Continue reading

Learning Business Chinese Lesson 1- greeting words

Lesson 1 – greeting words ♥ Hello:      你好 (ni, hao)      ♥ Thanks:   谢谢 (xie,xie) ♥You are welcome:    不用谢 (bu, yong, xie) ♥My name is:   我的名字是(wo, de,ming,zi,shi) ♥ My name is Mike:    我的名字是 Mike  

LV’s magic works in China

Louis Vuitton  is one of the most famous French luxury brands around the world. People are falling in love with LV’s elegant design and unique understanding of high fashion. The brand with time-honored history and strong brand recognitions attracted worldwide fashion lovers and upper class elites. It becomes a symbol of social status and superior taste. Most importantly, it stands for … Continue reading