Interview with Alenka Jelen


 Alenka Jelen

Senior Lecture and Course Leader

Lancashire Business School

University of Central Lancashire, Prestion PR1 2HE



What do you think are the main developments and changes of global PR industry since 2000s? Why do you think so and in your opinions what are the driven forces of those changes?

Do you think there are still some disparities in the PR industry between the countries like China and western countries? What are the main disparities and why do you think those differences are existed?

Nowadays, in China, especially in the big cities like Beijing and ShangHai, there are more and more international corporations landing in and accordingly boosting the demands of professional PR and effective business communications. Do you think the PR professionals in the UK or other western countries could do a great job though understanding more about the development and changes of Chinese business culture and PR industry?

Do you think because of the culture differences the PR in China and western countries will be very different? As a PR lecturer, how do you think of those differences and does it indicate a good aspect or not?

If the people or companies from UK tend to do have a career or explore business opportunities in China, what kind of advices you’d like to provide to them or what kind of successful experience you’d like to share with them?


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